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Iron Beat – what do we know?

Iron Beat style

May 24 is the date of the premiere of the new song and video of our common inspiration – Ruslana. It's also her birthday. The song and video from the music project “Wild Heart” is called “Iron Beat” (“Buyna” in Ukrainian). The purpose of the Ruslana Energy page is not to immediately publish every news you can find on Ruslana's social networks, but to summarize everything in articles and to bring the content about her in different languages. In the description of the video on YouTube, it is written:

What is Iron Beat? In every frame of the music video, in every beat of this song, you will feel and see what it is…

So what do we know?

It will bring a new image of Ruslana and new rhythms. “Just maybe I’m crazy” (text of the song Wild Dances) is replaced by a beat – “Iron Beat”. Ruslana is worried of stage equipment, what the sound will be like...

Ruslana worked on the “Iron Beat” video for half year. There will not be two versions – English and Ukrainian, but instead there will be both languages presented in one song. Ruslana has also promised more teasers and information, so we have a lot to look forward to!