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Ruslana photo

Ruslana's Wild Heart News 5

Ruslana together with DanceTheatre Zhyttya

First News of the Wild Heart at this year are here, and we wish to tell you what has been new with Ruslana during past weeks. The year 2024, that’s 20 years since Ruslana’s victory at the Eurovision, and we’re preparing a surprise for you here at the Ruslana Energy website. It will come at the first day of spring. Now enjoy reading the news.

In January, Ruslana organised a lottery for people who donated more than 1000 UAH for her fundraising “Ljuti Ptashky” for obtaining drones. The fundraising continues, as well as our support for The Armed Forces Of Ukraine!

Ruslana with her mother Nina Lyzhychko

On January 7th, Ruslana’s mother Nina Lyzhychko celebrated her birthday. We wish a lot of luck, health, and we deeply thank you for giving the world your miraculous, extraordinary daughter!

Ruslana performed in Luxembourg at the final of the national selection for Eurovision 2024. 20 years earlier she herself won at the Eurovision, and now she believes for the victory of Ukraine, too. And for it, we now needed the help of Europe! She said so in the interview. And we also believe! Ukraine will win!

Together with Zhittya dance group, Ruslana performed Wild Dances at the Ukrainian national Eurovision final. She said: “We’re Ukrainians! And that says it all! Our strength is in our heart. We will always win! Glory to Ukraine!”

At Ruslana Energy, we also endlessly believe in Ukraine! Glory To The Heroes!

Ruslana at Alley of Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred

Ruslana remembered the Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred.